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Anne Hornung Soukup

Transports publics genevois TPG

Présidente du Conseil d'Administration

Now in the challenging and fascinating position of Chair of the Board of the Geneva public transport company (tpg), I retired from finance end 2017. I started as Portfolio Manager and VP in the Geneva office of a Zurich-based bank, then as Partner and Co-Founder of my own portfolio management company, then joined Bruellan S.A. in Geneva as Partner.

The board of tpg is in charge of the governance and long-term strategy for this state-owned company of nearly 2,000 employees. Challenges in a fast-changing transport world include a growing demand for transportation in the Geneva area, the launching of electric buses with no overhead lines as well as driverless vehicles, new technologies in transport, and the construction of a large new maintenance center in Geneva.

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